About us

Covetus is a synonym for leveraging a magical soft impact to your business which will further strengthen your roots and brand image. We craft the architecture in several tiers according to your choice of delicacy along with that we turn over new leaf when it is concerned with the Business growth. We serve intelligent business functionalities in our menu of services where you could opt for which services suites you best. We possess the knack to bolster up the mighty giants along with that we give a kick start to new seedlings sprouting up in the IT scenario.


To provide quality software that will improve the profits of your salon or spa, help you to provide better customer service, and completely automate your business.

Product Overview

Our SpaOpt Software is a complete package for your beauty business or spa. It has full support for employees and booth renters. SpaOpt Software will help your beauty business or spa become more organized. You will also save time and provide better customer service. Happy customers and efficiency mean increased profits. Our SpaOpt Software is written with the most modern development tools available. Our software is very user friendly. In a few simple clicks, you can schedule appointments, check out customers, and much more. SpaOpt Software fits your needs for beauty salon software, hair salon software, spa software, or nail salon software. Your beauty business will be better, smarter, and faster.

Advantage SpaOpt Software has been installed by thousands of companies around the world. Our SpaOpt Software is free to try by selecting the download demo option.

Kona Beach Spa(KBS)

A right website builder paves the way towards a successful online presence, and this is the place which facilitated us making our online presence constructive. We are surely a happy customer with compelling software which is apposite and advantageous for our spa business.

Mitesh Bantia, Manager
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Kona Spa(Lotus Center)

Over the course of our first year of business, I can say with complete certainty that the capabilities for coordinating scheduling, staffing, sales, and payroll have been worth their weight in gold in terms of time savings and accountability.

Aadesh Bantia, Manager
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I have had a great experience with the Spaopt product. No other service i have tried compares to the level of service and ease of use.

Yash, Manager
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Spa at BEYC

The program can be set up to fit your particular business and can expand with your growth. I recommend this product.

Jeenesh Bantia, Manager
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