Employee Management

This will allow the Manager to list/add all the part time and full time employee. The employee can add their working hours.


Operator can view/add/edit or delete any reservation.

Social Security Form

This section will get you the prefilled Social Security Tax form.

Spa Location Management

Manager can add/edit any number of the spa location.

Spa Rooms

Operator can add the number of rooms in the spa.


Helps to track the records of the spa product.


Listing and Tracking of the order's from website.


List any payment cancellation/refund amount

Payment Records

Can track the anount raised from different payment options like Cash/CC/Expidia/Check

Salary Report

The manager can get the details of all employee salary and their commission.

Income Tax Form

This section get you the prefilled Income Tax form.

User Role and Rights

Manager can assign different roles and rights to employee.


Add/edit purchase for the products.


Add/edit sale for the products.


Operator can add/edit/re-create any invoice. They can save any invoice while the customer is taking the services and so once done, without wasting time the bill is ready for payment.